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Workplace NL Fall Protection (1-Day) Re-Certification


This course follows the federal regulations of Canada and the requirements to comply with the current CSA/ANSI standards and the Newfoundland & Labrador's Acts and Regulations in fall protection. 



· Introduce principles of protection and the prevention of a fall

· The types of fall protection systems

· Guidance on appropriate use of each Fall Protection System

· Ensure Students participate in full inspections of 12 pieces of equipment

· Ensure the completion of calculations and case studies by each student

· Demonstrate and Practice the proper use of all equipment during practical exercises 



Chapter 1: Introduction to Fall Protection

Chapter 2: Roles and Responsibilities of Workplace Parties

Chapter 3: Fall Protection Legislation

Chapter 4: Fall Protection Plan

Chapter 5: Fall Protection System Forces and Components

Chapter 6: Hierarchy of Controls

Chapter 7: Fall Protection Systems, Equipment and Components

Chapter 8: Fall Arrest Systems, Equipment and Components

Chapter 9: Use, Care, Maintenance and Storage of Equipment

Chapter 10: General Requirements of Fall Arrest Rescue Plan



·  Practical to consist of proper use and inspection of Fall Protection equipment. A Fall Protection plan and hazard/risk assessment will be completed and followed.