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Regulatory Awareness


This is a half day course designed to give personnel a basic understanding of the applicable related legislation and regulations.    phCxSpLast  



· Provide personnel with an understanding of the regulatory system as it applies to the offshore petroleum operations.

· The rights and obligations pursuant to the legislation.

· The duties and obligations of operators and employers.  



·  An overview of applicable safety related legislation

·  An overview of each of the applicable safety related regulations

·  An overview of applicable guidance issued by relevant regulatory authorities

·  An overview of the regulatory structure and the roles of the various regulatory bodies

·  An overview of regulatory processes including such processes as Work Authorizations, Certificate of Fitness, compliance audits and enforcement

·  An explanation of the powers and authority of energy authority Safety Officers

· An explanation of the internal responsibility system

· An overview of Operator and Employer duties and obligations pursuant to the legislation

· A detailed explanation of worker rights and obligations pursuant to the legislation with emphasis on the rights to know, participate and refuse and on worker obligations to work safely and report incidents and accidents

· An explanation of the “Regulatory Query” process