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Workplace NL Confined Space Entry - 2 Day


This course was designed to give students the necessary training in Confined Space Entry to prevent injuries, property damage, fatalities and any other associated hazards. 



· Provide students with appropriate training in Confined Space Entry

· Ensure students know the hazards and controls needs that will eliminate or lessen risks associated with working in confined spaces

· Provide an understanding of any legislative requirements 

· Ensure students know how to control hazards with the use of Administrative, Engineering and PPE controls  



Chapter 1: Identifying Confined Spaces 

Chapter 2: Roles and Responsibilities of Workplace Parties  

Chapter 3: Confined Space Entry Legislation 

Chapter 4: Confined Space Entry Program 

Chapter 5: Atmospheric Hazards & Controls 

Chapter 6: Health & Safety Hazards    

Chapter 7: Personal Protective Equipment

Chapter 8: Confined Space Roles and Responsibilities

Chapter 9: Confined Space Entry Permit

Chapter 10: Confined Space Entry Rescue

Chapter 11: Accident/Incident Reporting

Chapter 12: Practical (one of the below topics are assigned to groups of 4-7 people)



· Practical portion to include Bump Testing of gas monitors, inspection and use of air supplying and air purifying breathing apparatuses, as well as pre-entry setup of ventilation systems. A complete hazard/risk assessment of confined space will be conducted using a scenario supplied to students. Isolations will be applied and all personal protective equipment will be used that is needed to complete the assigned task and finally, entry will be made incorporating all the different roles of a Confined Space Entry program. Students will have the opportunity to use all procedures and equipment that are covered in theory portion.